Operation Market Garden
Order of Battle Operation Garden 

British XXX Corps

General Officer Commanding:
Lieutenant-General Brian Horrocks

Brigadier Peter Pyman

Chief Liaison Officer:
Lieutenant-Colonel J.R.Bowring 

Corps Commander Royal Artillery:
Brigadier Stuart Blundell Rawlins

Chief Engineer:
Brigadier B.C. Davey

Chief Signals Officer:
Brigadier Harry Bartlett

Deputy Adjutant & Quartermaster-General:
Brigadier George C. Webb

R.A.F. Liaison Officer:
RAF Captain Donald Love

Aide-de-Camp to GOC:
Captain Harold Young
Lieutenant Lord Rupert Nevill

R.A.F. Liaison Officer:
RAF Captain Donald Love

Corps Troops:
XXX Corps Royal Signals
XXX Corps Royal Engineers
XXX Corps Royal Artillery
11th Hussars RAC
73rd Anti-Tank Regiment RA
27th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment RA
5th Army Group Royal Artillery 

Guards Armoured  Division

General Officer Commanding:
Brigadier Sir Allan Adair
Major-General Sir Allan Adair

G.S.O. 1:
Lieutenant-Colonel J.D. Hornung

Guards Division Artillery
Brigadier H.C. Phips
-  55 th Field Regiment RA
-  153 rd Field Regiment RA
-  21 st AT Regiment RA
-  94 th LAA Regiment
-  2nd Household Cavalry Regiment
-  2nd (Armoured Recce) Bn,Welsh Guards
5th Guards Armoured Brigade
Brigadier Norman Gwatkin
-  2nd Armoured Bn,Grenadier Guards
-  1st Armoured Bn,Coldstream Guards
-  2nd Armoured Bn,Irish Guards
-  1st Motor Bn, Grenadier Guards
Irish Guards Battle Group
Lieutenant-Colonel Joe Vandeleur
-  2 nd Armoured Battallion Irish Guards
-  3 rd Batallion Irish Guards
Grenadier Guards Battle Group
Lieutenant-Colonel Edward Coulburn
-  2 nd Armoured Battalion Grenadier Guards
Brigadier H.C. Phips 

32nd Guards Brigade

Brigadier J.C.O. Marriott
-  5th Bn, Coldstream Guards
-  3rd Bn, Irish Guards
-  1st Bn, Welsh Guard
Brigadier George Johnson
-  1 st Armoured Battalion Coldstream Guards
-  5 th Battalion Coldstream Guards 

43rd Wessex Infantry Division

General Officer Commanding:
Major-General Ivor Thomas
-  43rd Reconnaissance Regiment
129th Infantry Brigade 
Brigadier G.H.L. Mole
-  4th Bn, Somerset Light Infantry Regiment
-  4th Bn, Wiltshire Regiment
-  5th Bn, Wiltshire Regiment
-  130th Infantry Brigade 
Brigadier J.C.O. Marriott
-  5th Bn, Coldstream Guards
-  3rd Bn, Irish Guards
-  1st Bn, Welsh Guard
-  4th Bn, Dorsetshire Regiment
-  5th Bn, Dorsetshire Regiment  
-  214th Infantry Brigade
Brigadier H. Essame
-  7th Bn, Somerset Light Infantry Regiment
-  1st Bn, Worcestershire  Regiment
-  5th Bn, Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry Regiment 

GSO 1:

Lieutenant-Colonel H.F. Meynell
-  43 rd Reconnaissance Regiment RAC
Lieutenant-Colonel Lane Fox
-  Wessex Division Artillery
Lieutenant-Colonel Bill Heath
-  129 th Infantry Brigade
Brigadier G.H.L. Mole
-  4 th Bn Somerset Light Infantry
-  4 th Bn Wiltshire Regiment
-  5 th Bn Wiltshire Regiment
-  130 th Infantry Brigade
Brigadier Ben Walton
-  7 th Bn Hampshire Regiment
-  4 th Bn Dorsetshire Regiment
-  5 th Bn Dorsetshire Regiment
-  214 th Infantry Brigade
Brigadier Hubert Essame
-  7 th Bn Somerset Light Infantry
-  1 st Bn Worcestershire Regiment
-  5 th Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry 

Royal NL Infantry 
Brigade Prinses Irene

Brigade was gekoppeld aan de 43rd Wessex Infantry Division 
van 17-09-1944 t/m 26-09-1944. 

Commanding Officer:
Colonel Steve de Ruyter van Steveninck

Major Charles Pahud de Mortanges

Chief of Staff:
Major Jonkheer Jan Beelaerts van Blokland

8th Armoured Brigade

Deze brigade was vanaf 20n t/m 26-09-1944-gekoppeld aan Wessex Division. 

Commanding Officer:
Brigadier George Prior-Palmer
-  4th/7th Dragoon Guards Regiment
-  13th/18th Hussars Regiment
-  Nottinghamshire Yeomanry Regiment Sherwood Rangers
-  12th Bn,Queen's
-  Westminsters, King's Royal Rifle Corps
-  147th Field Regiment Royal Artillery Essex Yeomanry